"Any film, or to me any creative endeavor, no matter who you're working with, is, in many cases, a wonderful experience."

Martin Scorsese


About Us

In the end we're just movie-lovers!

Ever since attending film festivals around the country we loved the idea of holding one, so we just decided to go for it. Sheffield is the home of some fantastically vibrant and diverse film making and film festivals and we wanted to be part of that. But what to do?

Having worked in and around the film industry for a number of years and seeing how the advent of digital film making has changed the landscape, we wanted to embrace the raw passion of micro-budget film making.

What is a Micro-Budget Film?

Well it's probably open to a lot of interpretation but the criteria we've applied is that the film must have cost less than £150k to make. All of our film entries must meet that criteria no matter what the genre.

Doesn't Micro-Budget mean it will look amateurish?

Far from it, some of the breakout films for directors such as Kevin Smith (Clerks), Christopher Nolan (Following) and Darren Aronofsky (Pi) all made their debuts with films costing less than £100k, in fact they pretty much cost less than £10K!

We are committed to showing films that reflect the film makers passion, all of our films will be carefully selected with the audience, you, in mind.

So what films will you be showing?

We're not going to pigeonhole ourselves into a particular category or genre and as such the films we chose will represent diverse backgrounds whether it be gender, race, country of origin or genre.