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Abbeydale Picturehouse

11:00 am

Selling Out (Short) + Answers (Short) + South African Spook Hunter (Feature)

11:00 am

Selling Out (Short) + Answers (Short) + South African Spook Hunter (Feature)

1:10 pm

Out of Thin Air (Short) + MABON (Short) + The World's Best Film (Feature)

3:05 pm

'Deconstructing Playhouse'  -

Q and A With Far North Film (Fionn and Toby Watts)

3:50 pm

BFI Network Showcase: Dissonance + Rose Tinted Glasses + Bad Spells

4:40 pm

Pas de Deux (Short) + Free (Short) + From Khorvino (Short) + Fornacis (Feature)

6:45 pm

My Dear Quarantine (Short) + A Fistful of Coins (Short) + Infection (Feature)

8:55 pm

Rear View (Short) + Seepers (Feature)

Picturehouse Social

1:00 pm

Local film showcase 1 (Gobble, The North and the South, I Remembered When we Danced, Mimicry)

2:00 pm

Focus on film Industry Talk: Managing Your Workflow - A Look at the Resources Avaialble to filmmakers in Sheffield

3:15 pm

Local Film Showcase 2 (Journey to Jagdula, Mt Lonesome, Subsfc Diaries, The Blade)

5:00 pm

Spirit of Independence 'Classic' Film - A screening of a past SOI screened feature 

7:15 pm

SYFN Shorts (Fabulous, The Party, Red Light, Kinesics, The Blue Candle, A Club on the Edge of Town, Group Chat, Bingo, Only Looking Forward)

8:00 pm

Focus on Film Industry Talk: No Money? No Problem! How To Break Into The Industry When You Have No Money

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