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Servant of dust.png

Servant of Dust

Dir: George Rough
Writer: George Rough
Producers: George Rough

After breaking his arm, a jeweller receives an offer from the devil.



Dir: Alex Papazyan
Nathan Toplis and Alex Papazyan
Producer: Holly D'Silva

A young writer is being held hostage by his obsession, distorting his mind and leading him to a strange encounter.



Dir: Jordan-Kane Lewis
Jordan-Kane Lewis
Producer: Jordan-Kane Lewis

Andrew, a teacher, is attacked while leaving work in a failed mugging which results in him becoming critically injured. While he is bleeding out a Deity appears healing Andrew but this is at a cost.


Pen Vs Sword

Dir: Matt Windle
Matt Windle
Producer: Matt Windle

An artist working at his desk is suddenly attacked by the characters he designed.

Pen or sword - which is mightier?

The Killer Outside

Dir: Joe Zalias
Writer: Joe Zalias and Sarah Crompton
Producers: Connie Boissevain and Joe Zalias

With mental health crumbling, an agoraphobic woman finds the courage to go outside, but should she have stayed in?

The Box.jpg

The Box

Dir: Peter Graves
Peter Graves
Producer: Olivia Jacqueline Hodson

Lau's new boyfriend, Iago, has brought his dusty old family heirloom box with him. But when the house starts making strange noises, Lau fears the box contains a dark presence.

The Last Supper.jpg

The Last Supper

Dir: Anh Do
Jennifer Bulcock
Producer: Jennifer Bulcock

Nicole has spent years trying to make everyone happy. Her husband is a well respected member of the community, but he is always stressed or angry at home. Nicole blames herself. Will she finally see the truth, or continue to question her own reality?



Dir: Curtis Dean Holland
Ross Cawton and Julia Bisby

Producer: Curtis Dean Holland

Interview of a coach who is Taking Thumbwars to the Olympics, or is she?

Filmmakers of the Future

We're delighted to be continue our showcasing and screening the films made at the 2022 BFI Film Academy as part of our 'FIlmmakers of the Future' segment.


Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 20.46.25.png

Dir: Chenay Kamara
Nico Barker
Producer: Georgia Tang, Jack Harrell and Charlie Levers

Accidental Hero

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 21.09.13.png

Dir: Fern Buckley and Esme Calder
K.D. Van Der Merwe and Charlotte McDowell
Producer: James Bush

Emerging Spirit

Our Emerging Spirit to Screen competition comes to it's conclusion with the international premiere of 'Dead Skin', the winner of our first competition. Part financed by Spirit of Independence and supported by local businesses - The Kurious, Paul Handley, Ben Warren and competition sponsors The South Yorkshire Filmmakers' Network.

Dead Skin


Dir: Ciara O'Rourke
Ciara O'Rourke
Producer: Joe Palmer and Dan Bale

Whilst disgruntled teenager Jess navigates the world of school, she’s got an itch she just can’t scratch. 

Best of Showroom Shorts

Showroom Shorts is a monthly film night that The South Yorkshire Filmmakers' Network has been programming for ten years here in Sheffield. Today at SOIFF enjoy some of the best shorts from 2021-2022; there’s comedy, drama, horror, animation and more: don’t miss it! Curated by SYFN director Rob Speranza. More about Showroom Shorts here:

Best of Film Hub North Shorts

We're going to be screening a collection of some of the very best films funded via the BFI's Film Hub North.

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