Dir: Thomas Elliot Griffiths

Writer: Thomas Elliot Griffiths/Duane Williams

Producer: Thomas Elliot Griffiths

Country: UK

Dave is an ordinary guy who just so happens to wake up with his hands tied and a bag over his head in the company of a suspected cannibal serial killer.

The Last

Dir: David Newton

Writer: David Newton

Producer: David Newton

Country: UK

After being shot multiple times, mortally wounded Jess bursts back to life gasping for breath. The aftermath of a violent and bloody shoot out reveals Jess dragging herself through the house nervously checking room to room.

The Phantom

Dir: David Walton Smith

Writer: David Walton Smith

Producers: Steven Thomas, David Walton Smith, Jen Ray

Country: US

A malicious spirit lurks in the shadows of a young woman's home...

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