Dir: George Rees-Jones

Writers: George Rees-Jones,  Benjamin Reynolds

Producer: Benjamin Reynolds

Country: UK

A little girl living in the wilderness with her sister is suddenly forced to realise the dangers of the world in which they live.

Lockdown Blues

Dir: Sophie Barling/Nico Sersale

Writer: Sophie Barling

Producers: Sophie Barling, Nico Sersale

Country: UK

It's April 2020, and most of the world is in lockdown. Cabin fever has set in for lonely city-dweller Sophie. Throwing caution and responsibility to the wind, she drives to see her parents and sister in the countryside, where she is banished to a mouldering caravan in the garden. 

M.anifest Hearts and Time

Dir: Makere Thekiso

Writer: Sophie Barling

Producer: Makere Thekiso

Country: South Africa

A short film about near-loss of love, confusion, lack of commitment and navigating through life as you search for peace.

Paint the Sky

Dir: David Green

Writer: Dan McGee

Country: UK

A soldier returns home, to an emotional confrontation with his wife.

Real Estate

Dir: Evan Michalic

Writer: Evan Michalic

Producer: Evan Michalic

Country: USA

A GREAT real estate agent does a house showing.

The Bride in the Black Veil




Country: UK

A 1960's Summer love story and beyond. 'The Bride in the Black Veil' follows Violet Griffin's great love and loss on the most important days of her life. Presented in a scrapbook style, shot on 16mm, Super 8, and digital.

The Pains of the Sea

Dir: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Writer: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Producer: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Country: Iran

Syrian and Iraqi immigrants try to across the sea to reach Turkey. A mother has to choose between seeing and not, the death of her child in front of her eyes in the sea...

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