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Event FAQ

Q: Why is the festival online this year?

A:  Due to the restrictions with Covid-19 we felt the risk was too high to run in a physical venue so we have opted to go online this year. Fortunately this has meant we can screen more content and reach a larger audience.


Q: Can I just watch certain films?

A:  Yes, to a degree. We have grouped films in categories when we release the online platform. You can purchase a ticket for individual categories if you like or even individual films but we've kept the festival pass ticket price as low as possible.


Q: How come some films are available in the UK only?

A:  Due to distribution agreements or requests from filmmakers, certain films will be available in the UK only unfortunately. This is just a small number of the films though.

Q: How come some films are available for one set screening and others are available on demand?

A:  This comes down to our individual agreements with the filmmakers and where they are in the distribution process ultimately. We're going for a hybrid model of having some screenings at set times and others on demand so it becomes the best of a festival experience and an at home experience.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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