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Collaboration is the key

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Part of the beauty of creating a festival is linking up with like-minded people and forging new partnerships that end up being mutually beneficial relationships, allowing each party to grow.

Last year we did some work with the South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network which we are looking to continue this year through some of our virtual Q and As we've got lined up. This year we have also teamed up with Open House Pictures to develop our content and expand our reach.

Dan and Joe attended the first Spirit of Independence film festival and have been big supporters of us over the last year so we are delighted to be working with them this year.

Openhouse Pictures said 'We couldn't be more proud to support a festival that gives a platform to micro-budget filmmakers whilst supporting the local Sheffield scene too. This is an exciting venture for us moving forward and we cannot wait to develop this film festival further!'.

One thing is certain - in this industry collaboration is key, not only to becoming successful but to expand creatively, make change happen and inspire others to get involved.

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