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Prep for Death

Written, produced and directed by Damn Sung.



Damn Sung

Eve Sung

Joe Sung

Kitty Sung


Country of origin: UK

Running time: 60min

During the 2020 Covid lockdown I was living alone in my flat worried that I would not be able to see my children. In a fit of selfish desperation I decided to kidnap my son and go on the run. It didn’t end well.


Fortunately for you I documented the whole foolish escapade. On the way I learnt an important lesson about life: Every breath you inhale, every person you meet, every kiss, every fight, every beat of your heart is prep for death.”


Damn Sung’s zero-budget thriller is shot as real in the style of a YouTube vlog, using his family as cast and crew and the cotswold countryside as locations. Such is the realistic nature of the film, Sung found himself losing friends who saw it as they thought it was real, and he found himself gaining enemies who thought he was actually filming himself committing crimes. 

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