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"Why do you people always question? Why ask why, when how is so much more fun?"

John Leguizamo (Clown) - SPAWN




Friday 30th September:

Bernard Rose - Traveling Light introduction and Q & A

We're delighted to be welcoming our special guest, Bernard Rose, to the festival. Bernard has directed such iconic films such as Candyman (celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year), Paperhouse and Ivans XTC.


His new film, Traveling Light, will be having it's European premiere at the festival and prior to the screening we will take a look at Bernard's fascinating and diverse career and delve into the making of his new film shot during the height of the Covid pandemic.

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Saturday 1st October

Building yourself and your team in the film industry

How do you find good people to work with? How can you connect with people who share the passions that you have? And how can you mitigate the many barriers that can stand in your way as you try to build relationships, connections and ultimately a strong career in the film industry?


Learn the answers to these questions and more in this discussion about gaining a positive reputation in the industry. A roundtable discussion led by producer Rob Speranza of The South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network. 

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Saturday 1st October

Surfing the main unit

While filming behind the scenes footage on the set of 2007’s horror sequel 28 Weeks Later, filmmaker Damien Sung hit upon a novel idea - why not use that films locations and background cast to create short films set in the same universe, and shoot them in between filming for the main feature?

He named this process ‘surfing the main unit’ and in this session he will show examples of the shorts he made and explain how they were received by the 28 Weeks Later creative team

Guests for this talk are:

Damien Sung

Financing Photo.png

Financing your short or feature film can be a difficult task for any filmmaker but our industry experts are here to answer your questions. During the panel we will discuss three areas around finance; How you can set up, manage and achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign, working with securing private funding and working with BFI financing. You will leave this talk with the confidence and knowledge knowing you will start your next project off with a bang!

Guests for this talk are:

Ben Taylor: BFI Talent Executive

Lucy Percival: Producer 'The Smoking Fish'

Debbie Howard: Director 'Still Loved', BBC's 'Doctors'

Saturday 1st October

How to finance your film

Mark Brennan - Pic.jpeg

Saturday 1st October

Bringing your film to market

So you have made your film great! Now what? How do you create a successful festival run, how do you showcase your film to the right audience? There are so many questions on what to do with your finished film, but don’t worry, we have the answers.

This talk will answer all your questions from generating top festival runs to distributing your film to the right people. 

Guests for this talk are:

Mark Brennan - Festival Liason - Festival Formula, Festival Director Exit 6 Film Festival

Hugh and Gabi 2.png

Saturday 1st October

An insider’s look at the casting process by ENON films

Day 1 Logo.jpg

An insider’s look at the film and television casting process with producer Hugh Mann Adamson and Director Gabriel Fernandez-Gil of ENON films. The talk will cover such subjects as:


The casting process: Self-tapes 

Approaching industry professionals & building relationships

What makes a good headshot

What is your acting stereotype

Guests for this talk are:

Hugh Mann Adamason

Gabriel Fernandez-Gil


Saturday 1st October

What to expect on set

Toby and Fionn Watts, collectively known as Far North Film, have been established filmmakers in Sheffield for a number of years and are currently working on their second feature film after finding international success with their feature debit, 'Playhouse'.

Fionn and Toby will talk through the filmmaking process to provide context for what to expect if you are new to acting for film. 

Guests for this talk are:

Toby Watts

Fionn Watts

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