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All Through the Hall

Written, Produced and Directed by: Falko Jakobs


Tim Olrik Stöneberg

Adrian Linke 

Nadine Stöneberg

Guido Grollmann

Andreas Von Studnitz

Falko Jakobs

Country of Origin: Germany

Running Time: 1 hour 14 minutes

All Through the Hall follows a security guard a called Monco (Stöneberg) seeking solace from his past, working the night shift at a warehouse in search of some normality in life. His past catches up with him when three strangers breaking in to the warehouse collide with a man from Monco's past forcing Monco to confront his own personal demons and defend the future he is striving for.


All Through the Hall is a time bending, slick noir-esque thriller that unravels from various perspectives. The film personifies the micro-budget approach of making the best with the resources available, the actors all worked for free on a budget of just 5,000 Euros in total.

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