Selling Out

Dir: George Hackforth-Jones
Writers: Lucy Scott-Smith
Producer: Jess Journo
& Paris Hounam

Country: UK

Selling Out is a short comedy about an actress' realisation that perhaps her life isn't going to turn out the way she'd imagined.

Written by and starring Lucy Scott-Smith.


Dir: Ben Lovejoy
Writers: Ben Lovejoy
Producer: Asia Nisciur
Cast: Hannah Chandler

Country: UK


A new take on the classic 'mysterious box' theme. Shot during lockdown with one actor, one filmmaker and one assistant.


Dir: Alex Guillossou
Producer: Guillossou
Cast: Wolfgang Nelson

Country: USA

Out of Thin Air

This documentary short outlines the Philosophy of Available Resources from an actor who practices it not only in film but also in furniture making.

Photo 8 2020-06-06_16-33-00.jpg


Dir: Jack Davies
Producer: Lewis Smith
Cast: Mabon Rhys, Laura Sanderson

Country: UK

An 8 year old boy residing on the stunningly stark north welsh coast. Mabon works with his mum to keep the welsh beaches clean, spending hours each week, scouring the beaches of plastic washed up on the sand.


Pas De Deux

Dir: Rebekah Fortune
Writer: Alexandra Bahiyyih Wain
Producer: Alexandra Bahiyyih Wain, Simon Lewis Marriott
Cast: Ariana Lebron, Emma-Jane Hinds

Country: UK

A heart breaking tale told entirely through feet. When smart and uptight Brogues falls in love with colourful fun and playful Sparkly Toes, she feels complete. However...


Dir: Chico Noras
Writers: Rafael Traquino
Producer: Susana Piegas
Cast: Paula Só, Tomé Santos

Country: Portugal

A Fistful of Coins

Portugal, 2021. In the aftermath of a pandemic, a lovely matriarch, Judite, goes for a daily stroll with her grandson. But she is suddenly pulled out of her suburban slumber by a liquidation sale that she simply can’t refuse.


From Khovrino

Dir: Daria Elena Dashunina
Writer: Daria Elena Dashunina
Producer: Elizaveta Stishova
Cast: Igor Yatsko, Agnia Tsvetkova

Country: Russia

At night in Moscow a little girl Dana is rushing home through dark alleyways. She’s being chased by a suspicious-looking man.
When he finally catches up with her, it turns out he wants to make a gift for a girl, about which she had dreamed of for many years.


Dir: Ewa Maria Wolska
Writer: Ewa Maria Wolska
Postproduction: Magdalena Parszewska
Puppeteer: Ewa Maria Wolska

Country: Poland

My Dear Quarantine

"My dear quarantine" is a short, simple story from the time of pandemic–a poetic view of isolation, loneliness and boredom.


Dir: Daniel Rands
Writers: Daniel Rands
Cast: Joe McEwan, Daniel Rands
Country: UK

Rear View

A driver tries some small talk to connect with his Uber passenger, but ends up raising bigger issues.

F R E E Poster.jpeg

Dir: Brad Gilbertson
Cast: Ailish Jean
Country: Australia


A young girl living in poverty finds freedom within her imagination.

Filmmakers of the Future

We continue our support of young filmmaking talent with a selection of short films from the BFI Film Academy in Sheffield:

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Rose Tinted Glasses

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.15.00.png
A4_BFI Network 2.jpg

Bad Spells

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.10.36.png
A4_BFI Network 2.jpg


Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.13.31.png