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International Shorts


Director: Alexandra Guillossou
Writers: Alexandra Guillossou
Producers: Alexandra Guillossou

A reflection upon the love of nature and loss of innocence through the eyes of a young girl and her fascination with bees.


The Portrait.jpeg

The Portrait
Director: Michał Barylski, Marta Mikołajczyk and Agnieszka Buczyńska
Writers: Marta Mikołajczyk and Agnieszka Buczyńska
Producers: Marta Mikołajczyk and Agnieszka Buczyńska

A poor painting student, with the last money, buys a mysterious portrait at the market. He doesn't know that this incident changes his life for ever. 


Director: Radford Nicholls
Writers: Karla Marie Sweet
Producers: Radford Nicholls

Cassie is a young carer who's sacrificed her childhood to look after her bed-bound father.  When Cassie's offered a sports scholarship that could be a chance to escape from her bleak existence, she has to choose between her family duty and her own dreams


Tanked Poster.jpeg

Director: Duncan Rudd

A couple of loved up lobsters have their tango disrupted by a sadistic chef.

Last Skiimaker in Scotland.jpeg

The Last Ski Maker in Scotland

Director: Euan Robinson
Producers: Jamie Kunka

The uncertain future of skiing in Scotland has inspired Jamie Kunka to make sustainable skis out of wood. Based in his cabin in the Scottish Highlands, Jamie is the last ski maker in Scotland.



Director: Anna Harestad

A passenger travelling alone on a train is haunted by something decaying just beyond her sight, as well as visions of her past sins.


Violence Poster.jpeg


Director: Harry Plowden

A curious kid gets in too deep after entering a cereal box competition.



Ink Train

Director: Olly Sindle
Producer: Olly Sindle

Train passengers open up about their lives through the lens of their tattoos. Ink train re-imagines the daily train commute as an exploration of the shared human connections that are always present, but often left undiscovered such environments.

Silvering Poster.jpeg


Director: Eilidh Nicoll
WriterEilidh Nicoll
Producer: Edinburgh College of Art

Upon discovering a grey hair, a woman becomes entangled in insecurity and fear of the future. The sanctuary of the bathroom takes a turn for the sinister as she spirals into a panic – and the hair becomes her tormentor.

Regional Shorts

Servant of dust.png

Servant of Dust

Director: George Rough
Writer: George Rough

After breaking his arm, a jeweller receives an offer from the devil.


The Killer Outside

Director: Joe Zalias
Writers: Joe Zalias and Sarah Crompton
Producers: Connie Boissevain and Joe Zalias

With mental health crumbling, an agoraphobic woman finds the courage to go outside, but should she have stayed in?



Director: Alex Papazyan
Writer: Nathan Toplis and Alex Papazyan
Producer: Holly D'Silva

Young writer is being held hostage by his obsession, distorting his mind and leading him to a strange encounter.

The Box.jpg

The Box

Director: Peter Graves
Writer: Peter Graves
Producers: Olivia Jacqueline Hodson

Lau's new boyfriend, Iago, has brought his dusty old family heirloom box with him. But when the house starts making strange noises, Lau fears the box contains a dark presence.



Director: Jordan-Kane Lewis
Writer: Jordan-Kane Lewis
Producer: Jordan-Kane Lewis

Andrew, a teacher, is attacked while leaving work in a failed mugging which results in him becoming critically injured. While he is bleeding out a Deity appears healing Andrew but this is at a cost.

The Last Supper.jpg

The Last Supper

Director: Anh Do
Writer: Jennifer Bulcock
Producer: Jennifer Bulcock

Nicole has spent years trying to make everyone happy. Her husband is well respected, but he is always stressed at home. Nicole blames herself. Will she finally see the truth, or continue to question her own reality?


Pen Vs Sword

Director: Matt Windle
Writer: Matt Windle
Producer: Matt Windle

An artist working at his desk is suddenly attacked by the characters he designed.

Pen or sword - which is mightier?

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