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Dir: George Rees-Jones

Writers: George Rees-Jones,  Benjamin Reynolds

Producer: Benjamin Reynolds

Country: UK

A little girl living in the wilderness with her sister is suddenly forced to realise the dangers of the world in which they live.

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It's a Wrap

Dir: Brian Unwin

Writer: Brian Unwin

Country: UK

It’s Christmas Eve and his wife is nearly home.

He had one job. He’s out of tape, out of paper, out of time!

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Lockdown Blues.jpg

Lockdown Blues

Dir: Sophie Barling/Nico Sersale

Writer: Sophie Barling

Producers: Sophie Barling, Nico Sersale

Country: UK

It's April 2020, and most of the world is in lockdown. Cabin fever has set in for lonely city-dweller Sophie. Throwing caution and responsibility to the wind, she drives to see her parents and sister in the countryside, where she is banished to a mouldering caravan in the garden. 

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M.Anifest Hearts and Time.jpg

M.anifest Hearts and Time

Dir: Makere Thekiso

Writer: Sophie Barling

Producer: Makere Thekiso

Country: South Africa

A short film about near-loss of love, confusion, lack of commitment and navigating through life as you search for peace.

Paint the Sky.jpg

Paint the Sky

Dir: David Green

Writer: Dan McGee

Country: UK

A soldier returns home, to an emotional confrontation with his wife.

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Real Estate.jpg

Real Estate

Dir: Evan Michalic

Writer: Evan Michalic

Producer: Evan Michalic

Country: USA

A GREAT real estate agent does a house showing.

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The Bride in the Black Veil.jpg

The Bride in the Black Veil

A 1960's Summer love story and beyond. 'The Bride in the Black Veil' follows Violet Griffin's great love and loss on the most important days of her life. Presented in a scrapbook style, shot on 16mm, Super 8, and digital.

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The Pains of the Sea

Dir: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Writer: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Producer: Mohammadreza MASOUDI

Country: Iran

Syrian and Iraqi immigrants try to across the sea to reach Turkey. A mother has to choose between seeing and not, the death of her child in front of her eyes in the sea...

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Dir: Thomas Elliot Griffiths

Writer: Thomas Elliot Griffiths/Duane Williams

Producer: Thomas Elliot Griffiths

Country: UK

Dave is an ordinary guy who just so happens to wake up with his hands tied and a bag over his head in the company of a suspected cannibal serial killer.

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The Last

Dir: David Newton

Writer: David Newton

Producer: David Newton

Country: UK

After being shot multiple times, mortally wounded Jess bursts back to life gasping for breath. The aftermath of a violent and bloody shoot out reveals Jess dragging herself through the house nervously checking room to room.

The Last.png

The Phantom

Dir: David Walton Smith

Writer: David Walton Smith

Producers: Steven Thomas, David Walton Smith, Jen Ray

Country: US

A malicious spirit lurks in the shadows of a young woman's home...

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After the Flood.jpg

After the Flood

Dir: Alexandra Guillossou

Producer: Alexandra Guillossou

Country: USA

An observational piece on two seemingly dissimilar St. Louis events that took place in June 2019. Man and nature can be equally explosive and yet only one has the option of choice.

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Amazon Man.jpg

Amazon Man

Dir: Wheeler Winston Dixon

Country: USA

An animated, experimental short highlighting the pressures facing us in everyday life.

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Butterfly Man

Dir: Enis Manaz

Country: Turkey

Abdurrahim Korkmaz was born in Mardin in 1984.
His village met with the road, water, and electricity very late.
The butterflies that he saw on the TV of his neighbor have changed his life.

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Dir: Jack Davies/Finn Davies

Producer: Lewis Smith

Country: UK

Hydrotherapy is a story of adaptation, strength & rewilding set in the raw and beautiful landscapes of Snowdonia National park. Laura has overcome a life changing illness through wild swimming, but has also found a greater connection to the natural world. 

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Dir: Chris Boyd

Country: UK

This short documentary captures the unique energy and rhythms of the primal, unseen and claustrophobic world of a Sheffield institution. One that exists in the twilight shadows and the family unit who strive at its centre.



Dir: Hannah Oliver

Country: UK

Waste is a short film that tries to think in images about what waste is and what, exactly, will be left, when everything is waste.



Dir: Gülden Gevher Öz

Writer: Gülden Gevher Öz

Producer: Gülden Gevher Öz

Country: Turkey

In the living space called Pentagon, a man and a woman are accused of disloyalty to the fundamental values of Pentagon. If the suspects are found guilty as a result of the interrogation, they will be exiled to Square. 

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Dir: Francesca Elliott 

Writer: Ruth Postlethwaite

Producer: Alex Brabbing

Country: UK

A futuristic-styled drama set in the Lake District that follows the main character's battle with grief.


The Red World

Dir: Sophia Ralston

Writer: Sophia Ralston

Producers: Sophia Ralston,  Alec Handschin, Adriana Alvarez

Country: Switzerland

In a not so distant future, global warming will have increased exponentially over the years, making the majority of land on earth uninhabitable...

The Red World.jpg
Welcome Back Future.jpg

Welcome Back Future!

Dir: Alessandro Rocca

Writer:  Alessandro Rocca

Producers: Alessandro Rocca, Martina Mele, Nicolò Ferrara

Country: Italy

In the future of the world, there is the Great Recycling: a totalitarian political system that has brought economic revolutions to the Continents. An agent of a French clothing brand goes to a toy store to buy a doll for his daughter.

Welcome Back Future Screenshot.png
The Bargain poster_vertical.jpg

The Bargain

Dir: Eleonora Mignoli

Writer:  Eleonora Mignoli

Producers: Brother Bear Films Alec Eleonora Mignoli 

Country: UK

Indentured in the service of Hue – the creator and owner of time-exchanging technology – Cora is torn between serving out her contract to regain the time she has lost and fight for the people Hue ruins with his power.

The Bargain Still7.jpg

Date de Mort

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 18.37.39.png

Dir: Josh Allott

Writer:  Dillon Butt

Producers: Constance Humberstone

Cinematographer: Danait Tebarek

Editor: Michael Wheeler

A hitman named John is ordered to execute his next target during a blind date. Things take an unexpected turn in this charming comedy of errors.

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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 18.43.02.png

Director - Humera Iqbal

Producer – Adrian Madden

Writer – Sophie Cooke

Cinematographer – Abbie Fielding

Editor – Tom Bloomfield

Tired of the nine to five grind, Sam leaves the day job and goes on a search for the most beautiful thing in the world.

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Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 18.44.38.png

Director: Elfie Burn

Writer: Elfie Burn

Producer: Natnael Okbey

Cinematographer:  Naod Tekeste

Editor: Emily Dawson-Masters

A young musician searches for hope after losing his hearing in a car accident. This uplifting drama highlights the importance of music and friendship.

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Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 18.52.14.png

Director: Natasha Fieldsend

Writer: Natasha Fieldsend

Producer: Zak Mohamed

Cinematography:  Daniel Kifle

Editor: Eve Hines & Daniel Kifle 

Sound:  Dakota Letch

With an overbearing boss and never ending deadlines, Jackie is forced to confront her internal struggle for a better future.

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