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Rising Spirit shorts

A showcase of the best emerging talent from around the world

Poster ffd6be80ad-poster.jpg


Two computer programmers developing a weather forecasting AI are unnerved to discover their creation is far more powerful than they'd imagined.

Directed by Euan Munro
Written by Euan Munro

Produced by James Crutcher

Country: UK

Photo 1 Still1.jpg
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Six would-be superheroes confront the realities of adult life. Juggling rent, failing friendships and the gig economy, will our heroes finally “make it big”, or will their powers go to waste?

Directed by Michael Bicarregui
Written by Michael Bicarregui
Produced by Michael Bicarregui, Thomas Wood and Peter Bicarregui

Country: UK

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t’s 2006. Sixteen-year-old Lola has been in her room for three days and refuses to come out. She confesses to a camcorder a tale of first love and lost virginity, before finally revealing the secret keeping her locked inside.

Directed by Josie Clarke
Written and produced by Esme Allen

Country: UK

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Zach takes a drug that allows the user to relive their memories as vivid trips.

Directed and written by Matthew Sterling
Produced by Lou Bray
Country: UK

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At a dinner party, sparks fly between Nick and Laura, but their growing connection is tested when a professional clash causes an uncomfortable confrontation.

Directed and written by Richard Perryman
Country: UK

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Poster d1608ee3fa-poster.jpg

I Would Like to Live on the Moon

A young non-binary person feels overwhelmed and wants to escape - literally, to the moon.

Written, produced and directed by Emily Burke
Country: UK

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Northern Spirit Shorts

The Young Programmers from The Showroom select their picks to represent the rising talent of Northern filmmakers

A Dalliance with Death After Midnight Poster.jpeg

A Dalliance with Death at Midnight

The adventures of the Grim Reaper is shown over an evening.

Written, Produced and directed by John Richard Williams
Country: UK
Region: Sheffield

A Dalliance with Death After Midnight 1.jpeg
Bear Poster.jpeg


A high-achieving factory worker wears the head of a bear outside his home. With the bear head hampering his daily life, and a growing desire to conform, he finds himself torn between his perceived safety and embracing the new.

Written, Produced and directed by Flora Martyr
Country: UK
Region: Preston

Bear 1.jpg
Drowning Poster.png


A personal reflection on poverty and its affects.

Written and directed by Gemma Whitworth
Country: UK
Region: Barnsley

Drowning 1.jpeg
Lacking the Boggart Poster.jpeg

Lacking the Boggart

Martha returns to her childhood home and is filled with a strange nostalgia. Between the locals warnings and memories sparked by the familiar setting she starts to worry.

Directed by Catherine Jablonski and Edward Barnabas
Written by Edward Barnabas
Produced by Zoe Hollis and Jordan Melia

Country: UK
Region: Manchester

Lacking the Boggart.jpg
Stranger Poster.jpeg


Jesse and Alex, a couple seperated now colliding back into each others lives after many years apart. The night they share, only by chance, shows the complexities of a lingering love and the consequences of witholding honesty.

Written, produced and directed by Kieran Stephen Weller
Country: UK

Stranger 1.jpeg
Ossatura 2.jpeg


In the summer of 2021 the world renowned Archaeology Department at The University of Sheffield was earmarked for closure.

Professor Umberto Albarella, alongside his family of colleagues and a worldwide community of supporters, is determined to fight the decision and save the department.

Produced and directed by Brett Chapman
Country: UK

Ossatura 1.jpeg

Independent Spirit Shorts

Bold filmmaking tackling tough subjects

Poster 36a744d909-poster.jpg

Opening Up

Reluctant-dater Jas hadn't meant to kiss Adam, but she couldn't help herself. Freaking out, she bursts into her twelfth -floor flat and slams the door in his lipstick smeared face, leaving Adam alone on the doorstep, feeling the pain of rejection all over again.

Directed by Oz Arshad
Written by: Lorna Riley
Produced by Guy Lindley

Country: UK

Photo 5 FILM_STILL.jpg
Poster 6e1b826a69-poster.jpg

The Nun Slayer

After 30 years of ‘false imprisonment’ Donald Peartree had been living his dream as a globally notorious and feared serial killer. Now, with new evidence proving his innocence he is being released and must face the fact he has been living a lie.

Directed and written by Ben Bovington-Key
Produced by Harry Green, Ben Mickshik and Hugo Nicholson

Country: UK

Photo 1 Screenshot_2023-10-23_at_23.13.55.jpg
Poster f976cc3401-poster.jpg

I Called You

Home alone after a night out, Sammy finds signs of an intruder and must convince the Police she is in danger. But should they believe her?

Directed by Jane Moriarty
Written by Bernice Pike
Produced by Megan Smith and Charlotte Howley

Country: UK

Photo 6 ICY_Graded_Stills_1.78.1.jpg
Poster bb16f4da0e-poster.jpg


During the angst of the early pandemic in the corner of a dark underground car park, a troubled young father leaves his sleeping child alone in the car. An appalled woman intervenes.

Directed and written by Margaret Kane-Rowe
Produced by Richard Kearney and Mo O'Connell

Country: UK

Photo 5 202204_Mask-562-min.jpg
Unthinkable Conversations Poster.jpeg

Unthinkable Conversations

As violence rages around them and in the brutal world outside there is no value in anything except the lives of children, Amy and Jack begin to face up to the reality that the only way to save two of their children is to sell one.

Directed, written and produced by Emma Richardson
Country: UK

Unthinkable Conversations 2.jpeg

Enduring Spirit Shorts

Films representing health and disability

Car Spotter Poster.jpeg

The Car Spotter

Peo loves spotting cars. It gives his everyday life a little twist. It’s also a hobby that is about to ruin the most important thing he has. 

Directed by Martin Sandin
Written by Martin Sandin

Country: Sweeden

Car Spotter 2.jpeg
Don't Look Away Poster.jpeg

Don't Look Away

A photo-journalist's relationship with her lover is tested to breaking point when she insists on covering a war in her country of birth.

Directed, written and produced by Simon Zhou
Country: France

Don't Look Away 1.jpeg
Sirens Poster.jpeg


After Elliot arrives home late, his already volatile relationship with Isla takes a turn for the worse, resulting in an argument that could be fatal.

Directed and written by Charlie White
Produced by Oliver Holmes

Country: UK

Sirens 1.jpg
Roma Poster.jpeg


Natalie finds an old photograph that leads her to reflect on her life and the lives of her friends. Each of them goes down a different path with different dreams and aspirations. 

Directed by Alessandro Vazzoler
Written by Alessandro Vazzoler and Matteo Saliva
Produced by Galaxia

Country: Italy

Roma 1.jpg

Everything is Out to Get Me

Everything Poster.jpeg

A 1950's housewife, struggling with her mental health, reflects on her failed marriage and history of domestic abuse. Her depression is fueled by the fact that her ex-husband now appears to be happily re-married with a newborn baby. But there's more to his happiness than meets the eye.

Directed and written by Dustin Curtis Murphy
Produced by Dustin Curtis Murphy and Joshua Carrington Birch
Country: UK

Everything Still.jpeg

Youthful Spirit Shorts

Films made by student and young filmmakers, specially representing colleges, universities and programmes in the region

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose Poster.png

A look at the trials and accomplishments faced by  independent musicians working today through the eyes of local artist, Emilia Quinn.

Directed, written and produced by Tammy Barker
Supported by: University Centre Leeds

Nothing to Lose Image.png

Cardboard Hearts

Cardboard poster.png

Lilith navigates life and love in a cardboard world - will she ever meet the one for her?

Directed and written by Lucy Boyall
Supported by: Wakefield College

Cardboard Hearts 1.png

Family Scrabble Night

Family Scrabble Night 1.png

A family scrabble game descends in chaos as tensions arise during a tense game.

Directed and written by Connor Francis
Supported by: University Centre Grimsby

Family Scrabble Night 2.png

A Skate Documentary

A Skate Documentary 3.png

Reflections on the rise and popularity of skateboarding through the eyes of a local skater.

Supported by: Barnsley College

A Skate Documentary 2.png

Pie Village

Pie Village.jpeg

Whilst hiking in Yorkshire, a tourist seeks solace in a local pub when their phone runs out of battery changing everything for them

Directed by Timm Cleasby
Written by Timm Cleasby and Daniel Hinchliffe
Produced by Alex Mellor
Supported by: Sheffield Hallam University

Pie Village 1.jpg


Boggards Poster.png

The tale of the Boggards, lurking in a house on Boggard lane and terrorising those who chose to stay there.

Directed and produced by Dan Hole
Written by Jim Logan
Supported by: Sheffield Hallam University

Boggards 1.png


Whole Poster.jpeg

A woman deals with inner turmoil caused by a past trauma by confronting her younger self.

Directed and written by Anastasia Yules
Produced by Damian Palli
Supported by: Sheffield Hallam University

Whole 1.jpg

Into the Peaks

Into the Peaks Title.png

A look at the freedom of hiking, reflecting on how walking in the peaks has changed Joe's life.

Directed and written by Joe Pearson
Supported by: Sheffield College

Into the Peaks 1.png

From Sam

From Sam Title.png

Sam and Alex's relationship is tested when Sam reveals they reveal they have applied to study away from home.

Directed by Holly Smith
Written by Finch Belleini, Red Peacock, James Long, Ethan Murphy
Produced by Aown Ali, Ben Neale
Supported by: BFI Academy

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 11.25.36.png

Still Life

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 11.36.52.png

Everyday pressures begin to manifest into Charlie's waking life causing her to reflect on everything and everyone around her.

Directed by Luke Petersen
Written by Sylvie Kurcewicz, James Long, Ethan Murphy
Produced by Ezzie Nettleingham Bradly, James Turnball
Supported by: BFI Academy

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 11.40.00.png
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