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2019 Festival

Feature Films

Photo 4 lj4.jpg

Luke and Jo - 15


Dir: Joshua Overbay

Budget: c. £98,000 / $125,000 USD

Bookweek movie still.JPG

The Road to Independence - PG


Dir: Ollie Hunter-Smart

Budget: £3,000

Blue Moon Image 3.jpg

Blue Moon - 15 

(New Zealand)

Dir: Stefan Harris

Budget: c. £6,100 / $12,000 NZD

Book Week - 15


Dir: Heath Davis

Budget: c. £74,000 / 135,000 AUD 

Photo 2 The_Road_to_Independence_-_Nubra
Photo 4 Ethan_Photoshoot_118_2.jpg

Greenfield - 18


Dir: Julius Telmer

Budget: £54,000 / 100,000 AUD

Short Films

Teen Hearts Movie Poster.jpg

Dir: Florence Bradish

Runtime: 8m57s

Aspect: 2.35:1

Teen Hearts

Seventeen year old Alix can’t believe her good fortune when her favourite band comes to Dublin for a Web Convention. Not only that but that the lead singer reciprocates her romantic feelings. However, Alix is right to be skeptical. 

Fair Fight Movie Poster.jpg

Dir: Luis Miguel Leal

Runtime: 5m12s

Aspect: 16:9

Fair Fight

When Daniel and John find themselves trying to ask the same girl out, their discussion rapidly escalates into a heated fight.

Dir: Félicien Colmet Daâge

Runtime: 4m22s

Aspect: Unknown

Your eyes, will I ever.jpg

Your Eyes, Will I Ever

In a house lost in the middle of the desert a man sees his girlfriend gradually transform into a butterfly.

Dir: Chris Castor

Runtime: 2m12s

Aspect: 16:9

Cardboard Cadet Movie Poster.jpg

Cardboard Cadet

A young boy builds a cardboard airplane and departs for adventure. Will he be home for dinner?

First date movie poster.jpg

Dir: Bojan Brbora

Runtime: 7m51s

Aspect: 2:1

First Date

An idealistic love story set to the backdrop of urban London.

Dir: Michael Fausti

Runtime: 7m49s

Aspect: 4:3

The Ingress Tapes.jpg

The Ingress Tapes

What are The Ingress Tapes? The ramblings of a violent fantasist? Or the taped confession of a multiple murderer who was never caught? Documentary or Fiction? Watch The Ingress Tapes and then wish you hadn't.

son movie poster.jpg

Dir: Alejo Santos

Runtime: 8m20s

Aspect: 2.35:1


"Earth is the cradle of men, but one cannot live in a cradle forever" this words were said by Kostantin Tsiolkovsky in mid XIX century. More than two centuries after, mankind search for a new home. From the mission ARS-7, one of those explorers sent a message to his son. Are tough words about the present and future of earth.

Growing Alice movie poster.jpg

Dir: Danilo Zambrano

Runtime: 3m58s

Aspect: 16:9

Growing Alice

A girl’s changing relationship with her mother is observed from the point of view of her bedroom mirror.

Dir: Eleanor Smith

Runtime: 7m55s

Aspect: 16:9

Here Lies Adelia Hughes movie poster.jpg

Here Lies Adelia Hughes

The Hughes bury their beloved Adelia, in a meager ceremony on their family farm. Through the struggles of poverty and the death of their sister, Rosina forces her brother into an idea on how to change their fortunes.

What could have been no poster.JPG

Dir: Andrew Haslam

Runtime: 3m33s

Aspect: 16:9

What Could Have Been

What Could Have Been, a BFI Film Academy short film that follows Isabella as her new found relationship develops.

memento mori movie still

Dir: Thomas Hird

Runtime: 9m42s

Aspect: Unknown

Memento Mori

 Waking up alone, cold, and scared, the Lost searches for hope in salvation. 

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