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The Road to Independence


To discover more of the story of its Independence, Olie Hunter Smart takes on an immense challenge to walk the length of India, a 4,500km journey over seven months seeking out untold stories of Independence and Partition. Olie’s route takes him over gruelling snowy mountain passes high up in the Himalayas, battling intense heat in the northern plains, and being drenched to the bone by monsoon rains as he walks through the rural heartland of the country. Following in Gandhi’s footsteps, Olie immerses himself in the culture, being invited in by so many of the wonderful people he encounters, recording shocking and heartfelt first-hand accounts of India’s struggle for freedom gained 70 years earlier.

The Road to Independence movie poster

Director: Olie Hunter Smart

Writer: Olie Hunter Smart

Producer: Olie Hunter Smart / Austin Vince



Olie Hunter Smart

Runtime:  I hour

Completed: July 30th, 2018

Budget:  3,000 GBP

Filmed in: India / United Kingdom

Film Language: English

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Photo 6 The_Road_to_Independence_-Kanyak
Photo 7 The_Road_to_Independence_-_Railw
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