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A mutation of the rabies virus, B249 has been transmitted to humans.


The infection initially broke out in the North of Sumatra and only needed 20 days to get the entire continent exposed. Now, three months after the first case, we have given up the fight.


Infected people attack every single living creature they find on their way; only a bite is enough to get infected and the effects appear after a few seconds.


There's no electricity, no communications, no army, no government. A group of five survivors flee to the countryside, far away from populated areas.


Winter is coming.

TWH poster.jpg

Director: Alvaro Garcia Gutierrez

Producers: Alvaro Garcia Gutierrez, Jose Berros Losada 

Writers: Alvaro Garcia Gutierrez


Gustavo Fernandez Cuenca

Jeison Ossa

Beatriz Toyos Barro

Country of Origin: Spain

Running Time: 1 hour 49 minutes

Budget: 23,500 EUR

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