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Deadland 2.png


Directed by: Lance Larson 

Written by: David Elliot (Creative Supervisor), Lance Larson and Jas Shelton

Producer: Elizabeth Avellan, Bob Bastarache, Jas Shelton, Lance Larson, Tara Pirnia, Chris Wilks, Marsha  Ann Larson, Norah Veloz


Roberto Urbina 

McCaul Lombardi

Julieth Restrepo

Julio Cesar Cedillo

Chris Mulkey 

Country of Origin: United States of America

Running Time: 1 hour 31 minutes

After the killing of an undocumented man in a detention facility by his fellow agents, a Mexican-American US border agent is bewildered when the same man reappears days later in the same spot.

Fresh off the world premiere at SXSW, we're delighted to be screening the UK premiere of Deadland. An genre-bending mix of supernatural and noir-western, anchored by expert performances.

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