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Like Love

‘When Harry Met Sally’ for a new generation, with an ode to waffles and a love letter to anyone who found the strength to say “I don’t”.  Like Love chronicles the tender, tragic and totally unintentional friendship between a boy and a girl. After circumstances lead them to become room-mates, they quickly become friends but can their friendship survive when one of them wants their relationship status to be a more than just BFF.   

This will be the U.K. premiere of 'Like Love'.


Director: Michael Wolfe

Writer: Lily Yasuda

Producers: Michael Wolfe, Lily Yasuda Dave Yasuda, Maggie Phillips, Olivia Tripp



Lily Yasuda

Joseph Bricker

Kelly Barker

David Kociol

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Completed: September 1, 2019

Budget: 50,000 USD

Filmed in: United States

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