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Miracle Mile

A Q & A with director Steve de Jarnatt will follow the screening

Written, and Directed by: Steve De Jarnatt

Producers: John Daly and Derek Gibson


Anthony Edwards

Mare Winningham

John Agar

Lou Hancock

Denise Crosby

Country of Origin: United States

Running Time: 1 hour 27 minutes

A young man hears a chance phone call telling him that a nuclear war has started and missiles will hit his city in 70 minutes.

Miracle Mile depicts the panic surrounding a supposed doomsday brought on by a sudden outbreak of war and its oncoming nuclear holocaust. Both the period and nighttime setting leave characters and the audience uncertain as to whether or not the doomsday claims hold any authenticity. The film takes place in a single day, and mostly in real-time. It is titled after the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles, where most of the events takes place.

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