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Friday 29th September

Steve de Jarnatt

Virtual Q & A

Screen 2

Following our 35th anniversary screening of the apocalyptic masterpiece, 'Miracle Mile', we're delighted to be joined by the film's director, Steve de Jarnatt for a virtual Q & A.

We'll be reflecting Steve's career from writing 'Strange Brew' through to cult classics of 'Cherry 2000' and working in TV. Of course we'll be talking everything 'Miracle Mile' from working with Anthony Edwards to the noir-esque locations through to the haunting Tangerine Dream score.

Saturday 30th September

Feature Film finance bond scheme

Showroom 5

Kurious Cultural Finance is one of the services offered by The Kurious to support film makers and other independent creatives.  The difference to the usual ‘crowd funding’ platforms is that the principal investment is traded for 3, 6 or 12 month (on a platform made available to Bushido, a partner of Kurious), with the profits then invested as ‘equity’ into the film and the initial investment returned to the investor.  Following release of the film the investor will receive a pro-rata entitlement to equity receipts, according to the amounts invested.


Film-makers are further supported through post-production equity and other Kurious resources (if appropriate).

Saturday 30th September

Just what does a Producer do?

Showroom 5

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Ever wondered exactly what a producer does? Well now you can find out!

We\re honoured to be joined by a panel of established  producers to demystify the work that a producer does but also how to work closely with them and build a creative partnership that harnesses the best of a team's skills.

Guests for this talk are:

Rob Speranza 

Damian Palli

Indira Towned

Becky Mark-Lawson

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Saturday 30th September

Bradford Movie Makers Q &A and film showcase

Screen 2

Fresh off the success of the BAFTA long-listed documentary 'A Bunch of Amateurs', we're delighted to be welcoming the members of the Bradford Movie Makers to talk about their passion for filmmaking, inspirations and what it's like to be one of the oldest amateur film clubs in the country.

To round off the Q & A we will be showcasing a series of films made by the Movie Makers including a screening of their version of 'Oklahoma' as featured in the documentary.


Saturday 30th September

A Trip around Video Shops in the 80s and 90s

Screen 2

VHS is back in-vogue and the aesthetic is everywhere, but what was it like to be there back in the day? In this tracking-adjusted talk, local performer and self-qualified VHS-ologist Dr Tom Rose (not a real dr) discusses his experiences of working in 5 video rental stores across Sheffield in the late 80s and early 90s.


This prolific period of film releases touched upon mainstream and obscure releases alike, and in this lively talk Tom will look how the subculture changed the direction, and his own emerging tastes, forever.

We will follow up Tom's talk with three 80s inspired shorts - 'Cocaine Overkill', 'First Time Caller' and 'Spirit Hunters'.


Saturday 30th September

Shooting genre on a budget

Showroom 5

Ever wanted to make an all-action Sci-fi adventure but don't have the money? Or a haunted house feature but unsure where to start? How about an all-out exploitation horror-comedy?  We welcome Ed Kirk (Future Soldier), Fionn and Toby Watts (Playhouse, Black Daruma) and Paul Huxley (Seepers) to talk about their experiences of making genre feature films on a limited budget.

We'll look at writing with or without constraints, building scenes around locations and the all important debate of VFX or SFX.

Guests for this talk are:

Ed Kirk

Paul Huxley

Fionn Watts

Toby Watts

steve askey.jpeg

Saturday 30th September

How to Work with a VFX Artist

Showroom 5

Visual effects are an essential part of the filmmaking process, with ambitions previously unobtainable by low-budget filmmakers now readily available at the push of a button (and hours and hours of hard work).


In this talk, VFX artist Steve Askey (Seepers, Beyond the Dark, Legacy of Lies) discusses how filmmakers should approach working with a special effects artist - how to prepare, what to expect, how to collaborate and how to communicate their vision.

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