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A Savage Nature

Beth Walker is lonely waitress, desperate to escape her small Virginia town and repair her troubled marriage with her Afghanistan veteran husband. Beth's world is turned upside-down when convicts brutally invade her home during an anniversary dinner, that is supposed to mark a fresh start for the couple. In a surprising twist, the true reason for the night's events are revealed and allies become adversaries. As loyalties shift, all involved fight for survival. Only one will live to see dawn.

This will be the international premiere of 'A Savage Nature'.


Director: Paul Awad

Writer: Paul Awad

Producers: Kathryn O'Sullivan, Paul Awad


Joanna Whicker

Steve Polites

Jon Hudson Odom

Joseph Carlson

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

Completed: October 1, 2019

Budget: 17,000 USD

Filmed in: United States

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