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Directed by: Charles Band

Producers: Charles Band and Debra Dion

Writers: Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo


Tim Thomerson

Helen Hunt

Michael Stefani

Art LeFleur

Country of Origin: United States

Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes

Jack Deth is a kind of cop/bounty hunter in the bleak Los Angeles of the future. He's become obsessed with chasing Whistler -- an evil criminal who uses powerful hypnotic powers to transform people into zombie-like creatures known as trancers. Whistler has managed to escape through time travel and is loose in 1980s L.A., but Deth is on his trail.

Trancers is one of the biggest films produced by indie studio giants, Empire Pictures and we're delighted to be bringing this back to the big screen for it's 40th anniversary.

Trancers Poster.jpeg
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