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Directed by: Omar Distrakt Jones

Writers: Michele Pacitto


Saint Ranson

Honda King

Matt Steiner

Jeff Montieth

Kane Black

Country of Origin: USA

Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes

A group of intrepid dinosaurs embark on an epic journey into space Set in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs possess advanced technology, the story begins with the discovery of an ancient, mysterious artefact that hints at a galaxy beyond their own. Inspired by the potential for exploration and discovery, a brave and diverse team of dinosaur astronauts—dubbed the Dinonauts—are assembled for this daring mission.

Led by Rex, a courageous T-Rex, the team includes Tricia, a quick-witted Triceratops navigator; Steg, a resourceful Stegosaurus engineer; and Ptera, an ingenious Pterodactyl pilot. Together, they build their spaceship and set off on an interstellar adventure, encountering breathtaking planets, strange alien species, and unexpected challenges along the way.

Dinonauts is a tribute to 80s animation, including the work of Ralph Bakishi. The film was made over ten years in the garage of director Omar Distrakt Jones.

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