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Directed by: Martin Law

Writers: Martin Law, Dean Gregson and Jordan Derbyshire

Producers: Martin Law


James Nelson-Joyce

Kyle Rowe

Olivia Frances Brown

Country of Origin: UK

Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

Reputation. It’s everything. For drug dealer Wes, it’s something which will test him to the limit. With more and more residents in Dennings getting hooked on "Clown" – a new form of ecstasy – it’s 30-year-old Wes who’s cashing in. He’s happy keeping the operation small in his rough-and-ready home town; but when partner-in-crime Tommy returns from a short stint in prison, Wes starts to question if this life is for him anymore.

Reputation is a gritty northern crime thriller over ten years in development shot on an ultra-low budget for just £19,000.

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