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South African Spook Hunter

South African Spook Hunter Matty Vans hires a film crew to document his paranormal ghost hunting business. Just as they tire of following him around to find no evidence of the paranormal, he receives a phone call from a woman claiming her family is being hounded by a spirit. After agreeing to spend the week with the family, it quickly becomes clear to everyone but Matty Vans that their haunting is an elaborate hoax. However, the Damon-Murray family is also harbouring a dark secret...


Directors: Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray and Daniel Rands

Producers: Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray and Daniel Rands

Writers: Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray and Daniel Rands


Matt van Niftrik

Taryn Kay 

Ashley Winter

Ella Kean

Country of Origin: UK

Running Time: 1 hour 36 minutes

Budget: £2,600

South African Spook Hunter 2.jpeg
South African Spook Hunter.jpeg
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