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The World's Best Film

In March 2014, Australian filmmaker Joshua Belinfante was told he had only a short time left to live. Forced to confront his own mortality, he thought about what he would do with his life if he was somehow given a second chance. He realised that he wanted to travel the world and find people that were fulfilling what their inner child always dreamt of doing. At the time of his diagnosis, Joshua was studying to become a solicitor and had put off his dreams to become a filmmaker. ‘The World’s Best Film’ is an anthology documentary about 13 individuals striving to be the world’s best at their passions.


Director: Joshua Belinfante

Producer: Joshua Belifante

Writer: Joshua Belifante


Joshua Belinfante

Country of Origin: Australia

Running Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Budget: 5,000 AUD

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