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Zombie film with Grandpas and Grandmas

Directed by: Tzo-Juo Hsu

Producers: Bo-Tsun Kuo

Writers: Tzo-Juo Hsu


Tzo-Juo Hsu

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes

Zombie Film with Grandpas and Grandmas follows filmmaker Tzo-Juo as she embarks on an epic zombie superhero film filmed entirely with residents of her village and her grandma. Navigating the trials of filmmaking and her grandma's battle with Alzheimers, Tzo-Juo captures the development of the film and how her family come together to create her zombie masterpiece

Zombie Film with Grandpas and Grandmas is a heartwarming and touching documentary that celebrates the passion of low budget filmmaking but importantly shines a light on dementia and how the affects of the disease can bring people together.

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